Required files for rendering

To render with new application, you need to add these files:

  • Render Config File            [RR]\render_apps\_config

  • Install Path                       [RR]\render_apps\_install_paths
    Note: This file is not required if you ...
    A) ... do not  use <EXE> in your  render config. As you can hardcode any app path instead of using <Exe>.
    B) ... OR  use the shared executable option. With this option you have copied the app into the RR folder.

Required files for a submission

To automatically fill out the basic scene settings in the rrSubmitter you have two options:

A) Create a plugin inside your render application.  

Examples: Softimage, Maya, 3dsMax.

Required files:

  • Submission Plugin                [RR]\render_apps\_submitplugins\

  • Install Path                        [RR]\render_apps\_install_paths

    (only for rrWorkstationInstaller to automatically install the plugin into the apps plugin folder) 

B) Create a Scene Parser plugin.

The submitter reads the scene file itself.

Examples: Nuke, Shake, Fusion.

A Scene Parser is required if you want to use the load button of the rrSubmitter.

You can use python to write this plugin.

C++ is available as well.

Follow link to the SDK section


Most of the render applications require to set some environment variables.

May it be to set the license server, the path to preferences or plugins.

Is this case you need to set a Setenv File