Anti Virus 

There are some anti-virus applications that block unknown TCP traffic.

Either anti-virus apps installed on the rrServer or Client/Workstation machine.

One of the error messages in rrControl might be 

"10013: Error : An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by it's access permission"
In this example it was an application called "ESET NOD32 ANTIVIRUS" at the rrServer which has blocked/blacklisted an artists workstation because the artist has send too many job command.
Adding the workstations to the Whitelist solved the issue.

Asus Gamefirst

Asus Gamefirst will block the data returned by the rrServer to the workstation.

rrControl states "Data send, but server did not return".

Either deactivate Asus Gamefirst or change its settings on your workstation.

Open the config section Profiles and change these types to "high"

  • File transfer - High
  • Others - High


Trendmicro has an option to detect software that ecrypts data.

And - if enabled - the rrServer and rrClient encode the preview images of jobs.