Important note about the current version

  • You have to be on support to start the rrCloudmanager.
  • Clients on the cloud do not require an RR license
  • This will change over the next time.

Components of the cloud connection

  • VM (Virtual machine) / VM Image / VM machine
    A VM image is like a copy of a bootable systems harddrive in a file.
    A VM instance is created by loading an image into a VM slot of your cloud provider.
    The VM instance can either be temporally  (lost if unload the image from the machine slot)
    or persistent (If you unload the image, then the VMs disk is saved into a VM instance file)
    You can create as many VM instances from an image as you like.
    It is possible to have different VM images for different OS types or for different software installations.

  • rrCloud-Client:
    The rrCloudClient is almost the same as the default rrClient with the only difference that is runs on a cloud VM.
    And that the image for the VM needs to have a different/special service installed.
    It uses the same setenv files, render configs, plugin environments as every other client in your company.

  • rrCloud-Connector:
    The cloud connector acts as a connection between the rrCloudClients and the rrServer.
    It collects all status responses from all rrCloudClients and joins them into one rrClient with multiple job threads.
    The Cloud Connector registers at the rrServer like any other default rrClient. So you can assign and control the rrCloudConnector like every rrClient.
    Based on the jobs that are assigned to the rrCloudConnector and settings in rrConfig, the rrCloudConnector decides how many rrCloudClients are required at the moment.
    It then starts and shuts down VMs.
    One cloud connector is based on one VM image. If you have multiple VM images, you need multiple rrCloudConnectors.

  • rrCloud-Manager:
    The manager is a container application for multiple rrCloudConnectors.
    If required, then rrCloudManager is responsible for the connecting your on-premise company network to the clouds network.