Commandline Flags

You can use all Global RR Commandline Flags.

Additional to the global flags you have the commandline flags for rrControl:

-User [name]                        Filter by  User [name]                e.g. -User "-- all --"

-Project [name]                Filter by Project [name]

-RenderApp [name]                Filter by RenderApp [name]
-Age [days]                        Filter by days

-FIlter "filterString"                Filter by string

-noNotRendering                Uncheck NotRendering

-noRendering                Uncheck Rendering

-noDisabled                        Uncheck Disabled

-noWaitFor                        Uncheck Disabled

-noFinished                        Uncheck Finished

-VPN_NoDirectFileDelete        rrControl will not try to delete any files if you delete or reset a job. (slows down server on job delete/reset)

-allowMultipleInstances        You can start multiple rrControl at the same time. This is not recommended. If, then you should set a user or project in the dropdown boxes.

rrControl "Coffee" Image

Create a file RR\sub\coffee.jpg or  RR\sub\coffee.png and start rrControl. 
The image is shown at the upper right in rrControl.

Note that the image is regularly reloaded in case you are changing it.

You could use a small report of rrRealmreport and automatically create it as a re-executed rrJob.

Side-note: The name "coffee" was choosen based on the first webcam image.

Flipbook apps

The [play] button shows a list of flipbook applications found on your system.

You can use the "Edit Flibbook file" menu item to edit the file RR\sub\cfg_user\flipbooks.txt

Client Commands

You can add your own commands to the client table right-click menu/Other.

To add a command, please edit the file RR\sub\cfg_user\clientcommands.txt.

Note: Instead of adding a hardcoded executable line, you can add python scripts as well.

To edit python script, right-click and choose Other - Edit/New Script

Open Folder, Play Quicktime, Open Html page

If you want to modify the applications that are used to open a folder, play the quicktime or open html pages (e.g. help files),

then you can edit the file  RR\sub\cfg_user\executables.txt.