External scripts scripts are not a "plugin file" for RR.

They are scripts that are executed in any environment (e.g. Houdini) and on any machine.

You can access jobs, data files, statistics, clients, users, ...

You can use the following languages to create external scrips:

  • Python
    • module libpyRR2 (access jobs, users, clients)
    • module libpyRR2_datafiles (access client groups, server stats, client stats, ..)
  • nodeJS 
    • module nodeJsRR (access jobs, users, clients, access client groups, server stats, client stats, ..)


Example scripts can be found inside the folder  [RR]\SDK\External\Python\

Off-side location

RR does not need to be installed on the machine, nor do you need access to the RR applications folder in your company.

You just need to have a few libraries from RR/bin (see below).

And you need to have access via a TCP port to the rrServer.

For example you can open the port in your companies router and execute the script on any webserver, notebook, ...

You can use a DynDNS service to get your companies router IP to connect to your rrServer.

The connection can be setup to be password-protected and all data send is then encrypted.

Off-side Library Requirements - any script language:

  • QtCore4
  • Windows only:  msvcp120.dll and msvcr120.dll (If you have not installed the Microsoft VS Redistributable Package 2013 32/64bit)

Off-side Library Requirements - Python only:

  • libpyRR2 
  • python27

Off-side Library Requirements - nodeJS only:

  • nodeJsRR