Fusion Licensing

Fusion does not need a render license for each machine.


There are some non-free features that require that you have at least 1 Fusion license in your company.

The render node tries to connect to

  • either a workstation with Fusion running and a plugged-in dongle
  • or to your floating license server

to verify that your company has 1 Fusion license.


Please execute the rrWorkstationInstaller install the submission plugin.

In Fusion, you have to run the script as shown in the screenshot.

It will start the rrSubmitter with your scene as commandline parameter.

Note: You can also start the rrSubmitter manually and load (multiple) scene files


All Saver rendered

Fusion does not support any flag to selectively render only one Saver node.

It will always render all active Savers.

You can select a Saver node at submission, but that only influences which saver is checked by RR.