Before we get to the installation: 
A short overview on how Royal Render works.

How does it work

  1. Save Scene: 
    The artist has created a scene file. The scene file with all textures and source files is saved on the fileserver.
    The data has to be on a fileserver as all machines need to access the files.
    E.g. the folder C:\MySceneData is not located on each machine.

  2. Submit Job:
    The artist starts the rrSubmitter via a plugin in the menu in the 3D/comp application.
    The plugin will read all required information from the scene and sends it to the rrServer.

  3. Send Job:
    The rrServer sends frames of each job to rrClients. The rrClients are either workstations or pure render farm machines.

  4. Load Scene:
    The rrClient starts the 3D/comp application and loads the scene file from the fileserver.

  5. Write Frames:
    The rrClient renders the frame numbers it has got from the rrServer.
    Then it checks the frames and writes them to the fileserver.

  6. Check Job and Frames:
    The artist checks the progress of the job via RR. 
    And the artist checks the rendered frames either via RR or loads them directly from the fileserver.