Use the application  RR/bin/[os]/rrTestplugin to test your plugins.

Or you can write and test your server plugins as per-job commands in via rrControl.

Note: rrControl supports UI widgets like a progressbar. These commands are not available as server plugin.


Server plugin

RR applications are loading a list of plugins at startup and do not update the list while running.

Therefore it is save to place the plugin into [RR]\plugins[64]\server_....\ while the rrServer is no restarted.

Then use the RR/bin/[os]/rrTestplugin application.


You can always download the demo version and run it on a test machine.

(Probably without installing services to restart the original licensed service once you are done testing)

Image Plugin

They can be directly tested with the rrViewer

Scene Parser Plugins

Directly use the rrSubmitter.