New Job Settings

  • Hard limit - CPU cores 
    (limit forced by OS, Windows only)

  • Hard limit - Memory 
    (limit forced by OS, Windows only)
    (Not recommended for Linux, therefore disabled)

  • Soft Limit - CPU cores 
    (limit set in options of your renderer)

  • Required render cores
    • A client with 4 cores will not take a job with "Requirement 12 Cores".
    • A client with 20 cores and 2 job threads will take only 1 job with "Requirement 12 Cores".

  • Log info “Render Workload“ 
    Appends a table with CPU usage during the whole render at the end of the render log.
    Useful to debug issues like low CPU usage.
    Always enabled if client recognized renderer as frozen and aborted it.

  • New counter “Watt”.
    A new counter like the cost counter for jobs.
    Can you named/used for anything.
    Requires to set a usage per hour value for each client.

  • Multiple approval:
    • for cloud rendering
    • after preview frames
    • after all frames
    • custom

  • New Image Size override settings

  • New job settings (may be set by the artist, might not have any effect in RR)
    • Division
    • Render Type
    • Color space name (currently not set or used in RR)