This description is for the Maxwell Standalone to render .mxs files.

It is not a description how to setup/render XSI/Maya/Lightwave scenes with Maxwell enabled.


Just like every other archive renderer type, you have to load one file of your .mxs sequence into the rrSubmitter.

The rrSubmitter recognizes the frame range of your sequence and output name.

You can also start the rrSubmitter with the file as commandline parameter.

All Archive/Standalone renderer are based on a scene file per frame in Royal Render.

You can not export a complete animation into one file, you need one file per Frame.


Co-op and resume job

Please take a look at this forum thread: 


Linux - X Server

Maxwell does not run if you do not have a XServer running.

Therefore it does not run in daemon mode.

This is the workaround from Maxwell support about this issue:

You can use Xvfb to emulate an X server running in the rendernode.

The package to look for is something like xorg-x11-server-Xvfb.x.y.z.rpm

Install it.

Then add these lines to the render config before the <ResetExitCode> :

CommandLine_Lx = Xvfb :2 -screen 0 800x600x24&

CommandLine_Lx = setenv DISPLAY localhost:2.0

And add threse lines to the render config after the <CheckExitCode> :

CommandLine_Lx = killall -q -s INT Xvfb