Move RR network folder

This descriptions shows you how you can move the whole RR Root folder.

The network folder that includes all RR application files and config files.

It takes about 15 minutes.

This is NOT a description if you want to execute the rrServer on a different machine.

It explains how to move the RR network folder to a different location.

  1. RR Program Files:
    You can do a clean install into the new folder.
    In this case you use the same RR version as you are using now (or update the old RR folder first).
    If you want to keep your configuration and jobs, then copy the RR network folder with all files from the old location to the new location.
    (Note: The jobs.db that you copy is saved every 30 minutes or at a restart of the Server app)

  2. Access rights:
    Check if the access rights of the new folder are right. See File Access Rights.

  3. Startup scripts:
    The startup scripts are files in the RR root folder, they are named  win_*.bat (windows) and  lx_*.sh (linux) files.

    If you have copied the old folder:
           Edit all startup script files in the existing RR root folder with a text editor.
          (Do not use Windows Notepad for Linux files and vice versa)
           Change the path after RR_ROOT to the new path.
           Inside the ..rrWorkstation_installer files, change the path after RR_ROOT_INSTALLER.

    Copy all startup script files from the new installation to the old one.
    This way anyone starting an RR application via the link on the older folder is redirected to the new folder.
    (E.g. submission plugins installed on the artists workstation)

  4. Delete duplicated jobs:
    If you have copied the old RR folder with jobs, then you have to make sure that there are not 2 rrServer rendering the same frame.
    Start the old rrControl.
    Enable the checkbox filter "Not Rendering", "Rendering" and "Waiting for",   Un-check "Disabled" and "Finished"
    Set all dropdown filters to "--all--".
    Select all jobs and use the button "Disable" (and abort).

  5. rrServer:
    Login at the new rrServer machine and reinstall the rrServer service/daemon with the new rrWorkstationInstaller.
    Open rrServerWatch on the machine (or use any process list) to verify the new rrServerconsole application starts.
    Start the new rrControl on any workstation to verify the network connection to the new rrServer works.

  6. rrClients  - Config relink:

    Inside the old RR share, create these files (for each OS that you use):

    Inside these files, write one line Root=  which points to the new location. 
    For example:
    Root=  \\redhat\renderfarm\rr\

    From now on, any application started from the old RR folder will read the new config and connects to the new rrServer.

  7. rrClients - connect to new rrServer:
    Start the old rrControl.
    Create a new command job via the menu "clients". 
    Choose "Restart rrClient (app)".
    Enable the job. 

    Watch clients as they get this job and get off-line (grey).
    The rrClient app is still started from the old RR folder, but it connects to the new rrServer.

    Start the new rrControl.
    Watch as clients get online.

  8. rrClients - rrWorkstationInstaller step I:   Service config:
    Start the new rrWorkstationInstaller on one client machine and reinstall it.
    This saves the configuration like user name, install location, ...

  9. rrClients - rrWorkstationInstaller step II:    Distribute to all clients:
    Start the new rrControl.
    Create a new command job via the menu "clients". 
    Choose "Reinstall ALL (...)"
    Enable the job. 

    Clients get this job if they are free for a job or if they get online some time later,
    Check the assignment of the job in the client table to know which client executed the job.
    Check some render logs of the job to verify there are no error messages.

  10. Pure artist workstations without rrClient
    If there are artists workstations that do not have the rrClient installed, then you have to reinstall the submission plugins and start menu links.
    Start the new rrWorkstationInstaller on these machines and check everything in the "Artist Workstation" section.

    Note: If someone still uses an old submission plugin, then this plugin is using the old Startup Scripts in the old RR folder.
    This works fine as we modified the Startup Scripts in the older folder.

  11. Some time later:
    Check the "Reinstall ALL (...)" job if all rrClients that should be moved have executed the job.
    (first column of the client table should be all orange) 
    Now you can delete all sub-folders of the old RR folder, but keep the root folder with Startup Scripts.

    If you are sure all pure artist workstations (no rrClient) have updated the submission plugins, you can delete the whole RR folder.
    You can just ignore these workstations and delete the folder. Artists that can not submit or start rrControl any more will ask you for help.