Render Config files are the most important files in RRender.

They tell RR how to render scenes with this render application (commandlines) and what parameters are supported by the render application (skip existing frames, frame tiling... )

Name of the config file:

It does not matter how you name the config file.

It is only to sort them.

By default they have been names with 3Dxx, Axx=Archive render, Cxx=Compositing.

But you do not need to name them like this.

Comment Out Lines:

If a line starts with #, it is completely ignored.

No matter where is it, you can even comment a line part of a commandline.

Line Order inside the config:

The order of the parameters does not matter.

It was grouped that humans can read it better.

Include lines

Include lines have two intentions:

  • Customers should change include files instead of the main render app config.
    This way they get RR updates on the file, but keep their custom inhouse configurations.
  • Share settings between multiple render configs.

By default, all RR rrConfig files are setup for two include files.

The include files does not need to exist. In such a case the include line is ignored

"*.inc" include files:

An include file is inserted into a render config at the exact location of the include command. (You can even include in the middle of a line)

Comment lines inside the include file starting with # are deleted before insert (Exception: They have a [ in the line).