1. rrCloudManager - Settings

1. Open rrCloudManager and go to Extras -> Settings.

2. Click on Add new Connector.

3. Connector Settings:

    • Cloud Provider: Select the provider you've created in chapter rrConfig - Basic Setup.
    • Low Priority: Low-priority VMs generally have a lower price, but GCE might stop these if needed for other tasks. The max price setting is omitted by Google Cloud Engine. More info about Preemtible VM instances
    • VM Storage: Enter the name of the storage where your VM image resides in. (If you like to use our demo image enter: royalrenderpublic)
    • VM storage key: Only necessary when this is no public storage.
    • VM image filename: Enter the VM image file name. (If you like to use our demo image enter: rr-client-linux-centos8)
    • VM Size: Choose you desired VM size according to your needs. You can find more details about VM sizes and pricing here.
    • VM Admin Username: Each VM requires a local admin account. Choose any name you like.
    • VM Admin Password: Password for the local admin account.
    • Max. VMs to start: This is the maximum numbers of VMs in this CloudConnector.
    • If you want to add your VMs to your companies domain, check Add VM to Domain.
    • rrClientService - User: Same requirements as with the local rrService user that you setup in rrWorkstationInstaller
    • rrClientService - Password: <YourPassword>
    • rrClientService - User domain: <YourDomain> (.\ for local user)