Renderer Executable - Shared

Location: [RR]\render_apps\renderer_exe

Some renderer does not require to be installed on every workstation.

For example Lightwave, Renderman Studio or Mental Ray.

Instead of installing it on every workstation, you can copy the application folder into [RR]\render_apps\renderer_exe\...

You just have to do one installation, one copy, a small config change and you are ready to render with these applications on ALLl clients.

  • If the application is shipped with an installer, install it once on a machine.
  • The application was installed for example in in C:\programs\Vendor\myApp_10.3\.

      Copy the installation folder into [RR]\render_apps\renderer_exe\<RenderAppName>\<OS>\myApp_10.3\

      <RenderAppName> is the Name set in the render config.

      <OS> can be win_x64, lx_x64, mac_x64

  • Edit the render config.

      Add these lines:

      ExeCopyFromDir = <rrSharedExeDir>

      ExeCopyToDir = <rrLocalExeDir>

      ExeCopiedWin= <rrLocalExeDir>myApp_*\bin\batchExe.exe

      ExeCopiedLX= <rrLocalExeDir>myApp_*/bin/batchExe

      ExeCopiedMac= <rrLocalExeDir>myApp_*/bin/batchExe

      You have to change myApp_*\bin\batchExe.exe to match the path to your executable.


By default, the render config files of Lightwave, rib/renderman, mentalRay StandAlone, Arnold Standalone, and Shake are setup for shared executables.

Like these two:



Important Note:

If you copy an application folder into [RR]\render_apps\renderer_exe\..., then try to remove all unnecessary files.

E.g. Remove all help folders, .htm files, .pdf files...

Everything to keep the filecount and size lower.

For some applications you can also delete executables that are not required. E.g. the modeler.exe in Lightwave.


It is not required to have the executable in [RR]\render_apps\renderer_exe, you can use a different base path in the render config.