rrSubmitter: I am missing rrClients in the list


You have submitted your scene data into the submitter (either via plugin or via loading the scene file).

But there are no or not all clients in the client table.


rrSubmitter shows the clients which have the render application of the active jobs installed.

If clients are not listed, then the render application is not set in their configuration.


You have two options:

  1. Open rrConfig at the client.
    Select Tab "Per Client Config" and select your rrClient.
    Select the sub-tab Render Apps.
    Either manually or automatically (via the button on the bottom) add the render application.

  2. If you have many clients, you probably do not want to login and add the application at every client.
    In this case you should try 1) on one client.
    If the find automatically button works, then you can you can send that command to all clients.
    Open rrControl, select the clients, right click and choose "Config"/"Rescan for installed software".