Support & Maintenance is optional, but advised as you get new RR features all the time.

Without Support & Maintenance: 

  • 3 months technical support to install RR and get it running. Further support is not guaranteed. 
  • Essential updates with some bug fixes, but without new features.  

With Support Contract: 

  • You get all new features. New features are implemented all the time. No need to wait a year for a new version or half a year (like Autodesks “Subscription Advantage Pack“). 
  • Further render support (e.g. render job issues not related to RR) 
  • Remote sessions on request 

If you want to join support contract later: 

  • We offer that you can order the support contract “backdated” if it expired a few months ago. E.g.  Your support ended in March 2016 and you decide to get on support in Okt 2016. If you join the support contract in Okt 2016, the ordered year will be from March 2016 to March 2017 
  • If it expired more than a year ago, you have to order an additional year of support as backdate fee. 

Different number of client packs with support and without:

  • Our system will calculate the end of the support based on client days.
    If you own 20 clients with a year support and order 20 new clients without support, then you get support for 40 clients for 1/2 year.
    On the other side, if you have 20 clients and you order 1 year support for 40 clients, you get 2 years support for your 20 clients.

Cancel automated support contract extension

By default, the order link includes support with an automated yearly extension. 

It is possible to cancel the automated extension.

  1. Please follow this link and log in with your order email:

  2. You will see a page like this with all your orders.
    One or more will be the orders with subscription (Subscription should have "yearly" in their name).
    Click on the subscription order you want to cancel.

  1. A new page with all the information about the order is shown.
    Click on the link "Cancel Subscription"