WOL setup/ WOL does not work

This is a collection of settings to check if you cannot WOL your rrClient machines.

TCP subnet mask

If your TCP subnet mask is not , then you have to change it in rrConfig, tab Clients global (enable advanced settings).


  • RR settings - Client MAC address
    If you have multiple network cards in the machine, then it can be that the wrong one is entered in the client config.
    On windows, open console with start/cmd.exe.  Enter ipconfig /all
    It shows you the "Physical Address" of all adapters. 

  • Optional: Network card driver - update 
    Install latest drivers for network card (do not use the Windows check, manually search and install from manufacturers driver download page)

  • BIOS
    Note: Depending on your BIOS, you might have one or multiple of these settings
    • Power Management section: disable Deep Sleep.
    • Power Tab, APM configuration screen, Power On By PCIE Devices needs to be enabled.
    • Advanced tab, Chipset screen, South Bridge screen, enable  "Wake on LAN from S5" (AMI/ American Megatrends BIOS)
    • Power  Management Screen, Enable WOL from Soft Off (Biostar BIOS)
    • Power screen, Hardware Power Management screen,  enable "S5 Wake on LAN" (HP Bios)
    • ASUS Bios, [Tech Specs] page, Manageability, enable "WOL by PME"
    • Advanced, APM Configuration, enable "Power on by PCI-E"

  • RR settings - global WOL settings
    Open rrConfig, tab "Clients (global)", enable "Show advanced settings" at the bottom.
    Check if the subnet mask matches the settings in your network configuration of the system.
    You can try to change the WOL port to 80. (port 80 is used for the http:// internet. It might be that a device in your company blocks every other port for security reasons)

  • Test if the WOL package is transmitted trough your network
    See next section "Test WOL command transmission"

  • Note: Some 10GB network card do NOT support WOL.

  • Switches
    Some switches either block the transfer or do not communicate any more if the network card switches to a slower speed.
    (most network cards have a setting to reduce the speed to 10MBit if machines is turned off, can be disabled in driver)
    • Disable any igmp snooping settings in your switch
    • Try to replace the switch with a simple one for a test.

Test WOL command transmission

You can test if the WOL command send by RR is at least transmitted to your machine.

  1. Download this application:
  2. Execute it on the machine with the WOL problem (no need to install)
  3. By default, RR uses the port 2304 for WOL. Enter this into UDP port.
  4. Send a WOL command to the machine with the WOL problem.
  5. If the monitor app catches the WOL command, then everything is right within your network.
    So the issue is the computer (BIOS, network card, settings)
    If nothing is received, then the issue is either a firewall at your rrServer, a network switch or network router.

Windows only

  • Network card driver - settings
    Check if WOL is enabled in the hardware device manager of the client.
    Open the Device Manager, choose the right network card, tab "Advanced".
    Search for WOL, Wake Up and/or PME.
    It has to be set to "Magic packet" or "Both".
    If there is a setting "Wake from Shutdown", enable that setting as well.
    You might want to enable other WOL settings as well as they are sometimes connected, e.g. "WOL shutdown".

    Then open tab "Energy options" and disable "Computer can shut down device to save power"

  • Power options (Note that this is not available on all machines)
    Open the Windows Power Options.
    Click on Advanced Power settings on the right.
    Choose Define Power Buttons and turn on Password protection
    Disable "fast startup" (You might click on the button/link above to unlock these settings if they are greyed out)

macOS only

  • Use Sleep, not Shutdown
    MACs are not able to wake if you shut them down.
    You have to put them into Sleep instead.
    (Note: The rrClient uses Sleep instead of a shutdown automatically if you have enabled "WOL is supported by this client".)

  • Energy settings
    Open your OSX System Preferences. 
    Select Energy Saver.
    Enable "Wake for network access".

  • Disable "Dark Wake".
    "Dark Wake"  wake the the machine if you send a WOL command, but with a disabled screen.
    And it puts it into sleep after 30 seconds again.
    To disable Dark Wake, you have to edit system files.
    (a different solution is to use the tool TinkerTool System to change these settings with checkboxes and without using a any editor yourself)

    Execute this command in a terminal to edit the settings file:
    sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist

Add the setting in bold:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">

<plist version="1.0">


<key>Kernel Flags</key>




Press <CTRL> - <X>, then <Y>, then <Return> to save the file.
At last, reboot the system.

  • Disable DisableSleepProxyClient
    If it is not disabled, then the Mac might wake up every few hours.

    To edit this system file, you have to temporaly disable "System Integrity Protection".
    If you do not disable System Integrity Protection, the file is write protected.
    Please search for a description how to disable it in the Internet. 
    There are a lot of good descriptions.
    You may enable the "System Integrity Protection" again after you change the file.

    Execute this command in a terminal to edit the settings file:
    sudo nano /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.mDNSResponder.plist

    Add the line in bold:




<string>-launchd</string>                      (do not add this line, it might exists or not depending on your macOS version)




Press <CTRL> - <X>, then <Y>, then <Return> to save the file.
At last, reboot the system.

  • Disable "Wake on Bluetooth“
    This is not required, but recommended. It might wake your Mac.
    Open your OSX System Preferences. 
    Select Bluetooth.
    Press the Button "Advanced"
    Disable "Allow Bluetooth devices to wake...".