We have created a new file format for creating shell scripts.

The main reason for a new format is that you have one file no matter the OS you use.

And it takes care of using undefined variables on Linux.


You can edit .rrEnv with application [RR]\bin\...\baEnvFile_Editor .

The baEnvFile_Editor can add/delete new lines with the "+/-" sign.

It offers available syntax options via a dropdown list.

How to use:

  • Please start [RR]\bin\...\baEnvFile_Editor
  • Set a filename (either existing or new).
  • add/delete lines with +/-
  • Choose your type of line via the dropdown list.
    Note: "If" does always require an "EndIf" in any following line.
  • Enter your values


This application can be used to automatically create shell scripts from .rrEnv files.

It is even possible to create a shell script that uses baConvertEnvFile to convert an .rrEnv file and then directly call the newly created file.