GPU render - dual mode

Please see the GPU render help topic. 

Special Status

There are a few Status messages that are special:

Idle - Defer mode

If you have a lot of free clients assigned to a job, then the rrServer sets the slower clients into "Idle - Defer Mode". This mode is similar to "disabled", the clients do not get a job.
As soon as the faster machines get rendering, the less faster machines switch from "Idle- defer mode" into "Idle" and are able to get jobs.

There are two reasons why a client is in defer mode:

  1. You have a lot of idle clients assigned to the job. The faster machines are not rendering yet. The slower ones are in "defer mode" until the faster ones render.
  2. The clients are not assigned to the job or cannot render the job.
    Therefore they have no job to render and are in "defer mode".
    To check if a client can get a job, please select the client and the job in rrControl and execute menu Debug/Show Servers send decision. It will show a reason why the client does not get the job.

Note: There is a rrConfig setting to control the number of "fast clients" that will not get into defer mode (if they are assigned to a job that could render)

User Interface

Icon Colors

The RR logo and the Tray icon of the rrClient can have following colors:


The client does nothing. It is waiting for new jobs.


The client is disabled. It does not receive jobs.

Exception: Jobs marked with the "background render" flag. The client does not use all CPUs to render these jobs.


The Client is rendering a job


The client is not able to connect to the server

System Load

Every few seconds the client checks for the CPU and memory usage.

The CPU usage is shown in cores.

A value of 1.0 means one core is completely in use.

A value of 3.5 means 3 and a half CPU is used.

The memory usage is shown in MB.

The CPU and memory usage is divided into 3 parts from top to bottom:

  • Free
  • Usage of the render process
  • Other Usage (e.g. artist, system background processes)

Commandline Flags


Start the client disabled


Please see GPU render.


Do not disable the interactive client during working hours


Temporally enables the setting "Shutdown even if a user is logged in"