rrCopy is a copy application that can be used to copy a single file or whole folders with subfolders.

It also supports a sync mode which creates an exact copy of a folder. It deletes files not existing in the source from the target as well.


You can execute rrCopy --help for a list of commandline flags.

Please use

  rrCopy [-options] source target

Possible options are:

-v:    verbose mode

-d:    force directory mode: source and target are folders, not files. Otherwise: auto-detect.

-n:    Do not create target folder if source folder does not exist.

-oa:   overwrite all

-oo:   overwrite older

-os:   overwrite if size changed

-or:   overwrite with rename: If a file exists and should be overwritten,

then rrCopy renames the destination file first (before it deletes it and copies the new version as usual)

This flag is required if the destination files are still in use. E.g. a plugin loaded in an active 3dsmax

-sync: sync mode, requires -d flag (source and target is a directory).

rrCopy creates an exact copy of the source folder.

Almost the same as -d -oa -oo flags, but:

Files that exist in the target folder, but not in the source, are deleted!!

rrCopy executable location

You can either hardcode the path to rrCopy or use environment variables.

If you use variables, then the script will work in any RR environment.

In a Windows batch file:


In a Linux/OSX shell script:


In a render config commandline (All OS) or rrEnv file:



Sync 3dsmax from a source folder:

rrCopy -sync -d "\\Fileserver\Share\Installs\max\update10202\3ds Max 2015"   "c:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2015"