Logins are used if you do not want that every user is allowed to change jobs of other users.

You can either set logins based on the project name and/or based on the user name. 

Login Options

Authorization required for all connections.

OFF (default): rrControl takes the user of the OS login or commandline parameter. rrControl can even be started from a copied RR folder. The user logged in gets the rights you have set for that user.

ON: You cannot override the user via a commandline flag. Nor does rrControl takes the user logged in automatically.

The artist has to login in rrControl. The artist is able to remember the login on the local machine within its user settings/registry.

Note: This setting is for your intranet only.

Remote connections always require authorization.

If you do not set an IP whitelist, then all connections are local.

Local intranet IP whitelist (IP starts with...):

The IP is used within RR to know if the connection is coming from the local intranet or from outside.

For example if you have forwarded the port through your router. And you try to access the rrServer via a python script or web interface.

Multi-user login for fileserver.

You do not need this settings.

This setting is for special networks only.

Do not enable it.


If the jpegs are encoded, then they can only be seen in rrControl and only if the user has the right to see the jobs details.

Without the job details it is not possible to decode the image.

Lock with rrAdmin password

You can lock parts of Royal Render with the rrAdmin password.

rrLogin settings

The password is a password for RR only.

It does not have to match your domain/Windows/Linux password.

You can also set an email address which is used for status emails and - if you enable it enabled at rrSubmitter for a job - job notifications.

Login Rights

You can set what a user is allowed to do.