You can use rrPythonconsole instead of the default python executable.

So you do not have to install Python on every render farm machine.

The module search path is set by default to RR/plugins/python_modules


rrPythonconsole   "" / pythontext pythontext pythontext pythontext

If the first commandline flag does not exist as file and does not end with .py, then it is assumed to be a python line.

In case you want to execute multiple python lines, use the following replacements for special characters:

 Tab:  ~t

 New Line (LF, \n) :  ~n

In case you cannot escape quotation marks in your commandline, use this replacement instead

 Quotation mark:  ~q

Commandline Arguments

You can use any commandline argument in your script.

We recommend using the argparse module.


import argparse

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()



args = parser.parse_args()

print args.jid

print args.authstr