rrStartlocal is used by RR startup scripts to cache RR applications on the local drive of the machine.

It is slower to start the app the first time, but way faster the next time you start the same application again.

And it does not keep open file connections and file locks to your fileserver while application is executed.


Please use

  rrStartLocal [rrStartlocal-Flags] <ExeName> [Exe-Flags]

rrStartlocal Flags:


Do not show the started executable


Do not open a new terminal/command prompt to start the executable


Reduce fileserver traffic by slowing down the copy process


Start the executable with the rrService user. (It is only possible to start the rrClient(console) with this flag).

Requires the flag -localTempPath as well.

-localTempPath [path]

Destination path for the local copy of the executable.
[path] has to be a path on the local harddrive.  E.g. C:\\temp\\  
The path has to exist and has to be accessible by at least your user and the serviceUser.

[RR]\bin\win64\rrStartlocal rrSubmitterconsole.exe MyScene.xml