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Royal Render 8.1 released

Royal Render 8.1.00 is available for download

This update includes some larger changes and features.
RR version 8.1 will run with any 8.x license.
But some of the new features requires that your license is on active support (see below).
Main Changes:
Total of 64 changes
To view all changes, please take a look at the fixes list

Job data change
Tiled render: Up to 30 slices
More render channels (AOVs): Up to 100, Limit is 10000 chars for all 100 channels.
Fix truncation of long image path/channel by some scene parsers

rrControl: Faster job update
rrControl does only request changed jobs.

Local scene copy settings (Disney/Marvel requirement)
You can now specify the number of days a local scene is kept.
And the client logs all files copied/deleted.

New render script for Cinema4D (support contract required)
- Support for Keep Scene Open
- Tiling without multiple scenes
- Change Camera without multiple scenes
- Ability to override image resolution

Re-Execute jobs (support contract required)
Create new jobs that re-execute itself if finished after x hours.
Job can be used to collect some data every day/week or sync files every hour.

nodeJS plugin finished (support contract required)
Support now all functions and classes (as the python plugin).
(Dynamic website in development).

A new config file in \render_apps\_prepost_scripts\ to sepcify the setenv files executed before pre-/post-/finished-scripts.

.ini file changes
backup copies on each save, log function to reproduce when a save was done, rrClients.ini size reduced.

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