An update is pretty simple.

Do not shutdown any RR applications.  
All jobs are kept.

Within 5 minutes your complete farm is updated and running again.

  1. Download the updater.

    macOS notes:
    macOS has some security restrictions.
    At first, extract the update zip in any folder besides your default Downloads folder. Copy the zip to any other directory.
    Then we cannot include the macOS setup app within the main zip package.
    After you have downloaded and extracted the main installer package, please download the seperate rrSetup.dmg.
    Open rrSetup.dmg, then drag and drop the rrSetup app into the already extracted main package, right beside the rrSetup_win and rrSetup_lx.

  2. Execute it on any machine that has write access to your RR network folder.
    If you use Linux/Osx, then you might want execute the update on Linux or macOS.
    Otherwise the executable flags might not be set (Depends on your fileserver mount settings).
    If you have used Windows and the RR apps cannot be executed, 
    then simply execute the application RR/bin/.../rrSetExeRights to fix the installed files.

  3. The rrServer sends a command to all Clients to restart, then it restarts itself. (If required)

  4. Optional: 
    Sometimes submission plugins are updated. (The Updater will tell you)
    As these are installed onto the Workstation, you might want to update these as well.
    You can either use the rrWorkstationInstaller on each machine to reinstall the Submission Plugins.
    Or you can create a command job via rrControl menu Clients for all machines that have the rrClient running.