Demo Version limitations:

  • Non-commercial only
    Network data is not encoded
    (not even data send to the website, if you have setup a website for your queue)
  • Some tools are not allowed to start in standalone mode
    (e.g. rrViewer)
  • The rrCloudManager is disabled.
  • 4 clients only

How to install (short overview):

  • Check the Requirements page first.
  • Choose any workstation in your company and extract the zip file to any temp folder.
  • Execute   rrSetup_linux, rrSetup_win or rrSetup_osx (depending on the OS your workstation is running.
    No matter which one you choose, it installs applications for all operating systems.
  • Further/detailed information how to setup a basic test and a permanent installation are
    via the RR help files
    or via the Royal Render installation video:

How to Update:

  • An update it pretty simple.
    In a nutshell:
    Do NOT shutdown any RR application.
    Download the updater and execute it.
    For more information, please read our help page Update RR.

macOS notes:

  • macOS has some security restrictions.
    At first, the extracted folder must not be in your default Downloads folder.
    Copy it to any other directory.

  • Then we cannot include the macOS setup app within the main zip package.
    After you have downloaded and extracted the main installer package, please download the separate
    Copy the into the already extracted main package, right beside the rrSetup_win and rrSetup_lx.
    Double-click on it to extract it in place.

Download Links: