Farm-wide Install

Just install the Arnold addon into your workgroup. (as set here)

Note: As long as Arnold does not come with a config file to set the License server,

please change the [RR]\render_apps\_setenv\[OS]\softimage.bat/sh file and add the environment variable ARNOLD_LICENSE_HOST. 

Multiple Workgroups

If you use for example Arnold 3.6 and 4.1, you can edit some files to use different workgroups for your scenes.

1. Dublicate the render config RR\render_apps\_config\3D01__Softimage__Arnold_2011.cfg for softimage and change the renderer name to Arnold Render 4 for example.

In the file, replace the -wg "%WorkgroupPath%" by -wg "%WorkgroupPath_A%".

2. Edit the file RR\render_apps\_setenv\win\softimage.bat and dublicate the workgroup lines and change it to -wg "%WorkgroupPath_A%".

You can now select the Arnold version as renderer at the rrSubmitter.

3. At last, you can edit the submission plugin RR\render_apps\_submitplugins\rrSubmit_Softimage_6.0+.js

Add a switch for the renderer version.

There are some uncommented lines at the end of the the function RRgetPassesInfo(sceneInfo):

if (passes.p[passes.max-1].renderer=="Arnold Render") {

if (UseArnold41()) {

passes.p[passes.max-1].renderer=="Arnold Render 41"



Uncomment them and change the UseArnold41() function/condition to determine if the scene should use Arnold 4.1.

Tiled EXR

Arnold writes Tiled EXR.

Scanline EXR are faster to load in some comp apps.

Please use the SequenceCheck post-script of RR to convert them into scanline EXR files. 

Trial mode

If you want to use Arnold in Trial mode, then you have to edit the render script.

Open the file RR\render_apps\scripts\renderchannels_2011.vbs in an editor.

Search for

SetValue pass & ".Arnold_Render_Options.abort_on_license_fail", True

Change it to

SetValue pass & ".Arnold_Render_Options.abort_on_license_fail", False

Ass Create N Render

You can change the renderer to "Ass Create N Render" at the rrSubmitter.

Instead of starting Maya and rendering with MtoA from the Maya scene,

it will start Maya, export .ass files to a local temp folder and renders these .ass files with kick.

This will save all the memory that is usually required by Maya for opening the scene file.

Note: KSO mode is not supported.


License Server

If you have issues with the license server, please see VRay Standalone.

Note: The path in the help file above for the vrlclient.xml changes to



The current version of RR does not have a submission script to read all information from the ICE node.

Therefore you have to follow this description:

  1. Create a pass for the emRPC render. Set the output path and format to the same as you have set for emRPC.
  2. If you have multiple emRPC objects, create a group named "emCache_Group" and put all objects with emRPC in it.
  3. Use the submission plugin to send the scene data to the rrSubmitter.
  4. Open the "Scene Settings" at the top. Either check the emRPC pass only or set "Scene Settings" to "selected jobs" and select the emRPC pass.
  5. Change the camera name to your emRPC object or to "emCache_Group".