License Server

If your render has issues to find the license server, then you can set it in the setenv files.

First you need the VRay license config file.

It is named vrlclient.xml and located in your user home folder or on windows in "c:\Program Files\Common Files\ChaosGroup\vrlclient.xml"

Copy it to RR\render_apps\renderer_prefs\vray_stda\mac_x64\vrlclient.xml

(Of course you have to change the "mac" to the OS that you use. "vray_stda" is all lowercase )

Then edit the file [RR]\render_apps\_setenv\all\vray_stda__inhouse.rrEnv and remove the # in front of the line

This description is for VRay Standalone ( .vrscenes).

If you want to set the license file for for e.g. Maya, then you have to copy the file to 
RR\render_apps\renderer_prefs\maya\mac_x64\vrlclient.xml  ("maya" is lowercase)
And edit the file [RR]\render_apps\_setenv\all\maya__inhouse.rrEnv


Just like every other archive renderer type, you have to load one file of your .vrscene sequence into the rrSubmitter.

The rrSubmitter recognizes the frame range of your sequence and output name.

All Archive/Standalone renderer are based on a scene file per frame in Royal Render.

You can not export a complete animation into one file, you need one file per Frame.


"Shared Exe" installation

RR requires a local VRay installation by default.

But it is possible to use VRay with a "Shared Exe" application folder.

Please see file [RR]\render_apps\_config\additional\ for installation instructions.