This page is used to add groups you can use at the rrSubmitter or rrControl.

Groups are most of the time used for these kind of cases:

  • You render with Max and you have installed the VRay renderer plugin on 10 machines only. So you create a group "Max VRay".

    (If you have only 10 VRay licenses, then you should take a look at the "Render Lic." tab.)

  • You have installed and licensed Realsmart Motion Blur on 5 machines. So you create a group "Realsmart" rendering.
  • You are rendering with Maya, but you notice that your AMD machines are simulating wrong results, so you make a group "Intel machines".
  • You are rendering with Maya 2010, all machines have Maya 2009 installed, but only a few are updated to Maya 2010. 


If you name your Group after your render application+ the major version number, then the rrSubmitter selects this group by default.

E.g. "Softimage2010", "Maya2009", "Nuke6"