Most of the render applications that you will use require to set the path to the executable for each client.

There are two exceptions:

  • There is no <Exe> variable in the render config. 
    The render application path is hard-coded.
  • The render application was setup to be a shared executable. 
    Shared executables are located in the RR folder and cached by the client.
    E.g. Arnold Standalone or Lightwave.

Installation Paths

On the first startup, the client adds all render applications to its config file.

If you install a renderer later, you have to add it via the client config.

If the auto find does work for the new render application, you can send a search command to all clients.

Or if it does not work, you can add your path to the auto search function.

See install_paths.

Auto version change

The rrClient has feature named "auto version change".

It is sufficient to add only one version of your render application (e.g. Softimage 2011) and the client will automatically change the version in the path to the one that is required (e.g. Softimage 2010, Softimage 2011 Sp1).


It only works if your render apps have the same base path and the version number at the same place in the path:


C:\Programs\Softimage 2010

C:\Programs\Softimage 2011

C:\Programs\Softimage 2011 SP1