Client Info

RR Processor speed

See rrTerms/rrProcSpeed


If you do not have enabled Hyperthreading in your BIOS, then the summed Ghz is simply [Number of Cores] * [Core Ghz].

Hyperthreading boosts your speed by 33%. With Hyperthreading the calculation is [Number of Cores] * [Core Ghz] * 1.3

Note: Newer machines are faster even if they have the same summed Ghz as old machines.

Therefore the PS test.


This description can be shown in rrControl, client table.


This description can be shown in rrControl, client table.

Cost per hour override

You can override the rendering cost of this client if it is more or less than the global value you have set in rrConfig tab Other

This is a Cloud Connector

If the rrClient was created/started via the rrCloudManager, then this flag is enabled.

Config presets

By default, a client uses a config preset.

Config presets are used to assign one of 4 presets to a group of clients.

If you change the preset, you change the config of all these clients.

The presets are shown in the group "__cfgPresets" in the treeview on the left side.

Hardware CPU/GPU

At startup, the rrClient tests the Processor Speed of the rrClient, the number of GPUs and the speed of the GPUs.

This information is shown here.

You can change the number of GPUs in case the rrClient was not able to recognize your GPU.

Hardware -  Wake On Lan

If you setup WOL (Wake On LAN), then you (manually, via rrControl) and the rrServer (for a job) can start machines if they are shut down.

If WOL does not work, please see the Troubleshooting section.

The idea is to use "Auto Shutdown" if there are no jobs and to use WOL if you send new jobs.

MAC address

The MAC address of the machines network card. If the machine has multiple network cards, please be sure it uses the right one. 

If the MAC address is not set, then the client tries to find the right MAC address. At first it will check for active ones and then compares the IP with the rrServer IP.

IP Range

The first three numbers of the IP address of the machine. 

WOL is supported by this client

Enable this option if the machine supports WOL. RR uses the WOL method "Magic Packet". 

Be sure it is enabled in the BIOS of the machine and/or in the system settings of the OS.


More WOL settings are available in the config preset or on the right side of this tab.

Working hours of the artist

"Working Hours" define the typical times when the artist is working on the machine.

(Is is "Working Hours" of the Artist, NOT "Working Hours" of the client).

Working hours:  from ... to

Sets the working hours of the artist.

Working hours affect job threads/ Disable Job Thread:

The selected job threads of the rrClient will not accept any new jobs and the rrClient aborts all jobs started before.

Ignore "Disable Thread" if nobody is logged in

If an artist is logs in, then the rrClient will disable itself and abort any jobs that are rendering.

If the artists logs out, the rrClient enables itself again.

So if an artist is not at the company (e.g. vacation, sick), the client is used for rendering.

Ignore "Disable Thread"  if user ... is logged  in

If the rrClient is required to be running in application mode and you have therefore a special user for rendering, then you can specify it here.

If thread is disabled, still accept jobs of ...

You can specify project, user render applications that can still render during working hours.

Wake On LAN

If you setup WOL (Wake On LAN), then you (manually, via rrControl) and the rrServer (for a job) can start machines if they are shut down.

If WOL does not work, please see the Troubleshooting section.

The idea is to use "Auto Shutdown" if there are no jobs to render and WOL if you send jobs.

Auto WOL for render jobs

If the server receives new jobs and requires more clients, then it will wake up this client.

Auto WOL before working hours

Some artist does not like that their machine was shutdowned during the night. So enable this option and their workstation will be active when they arrive.

No WOL during

You can tell the rrServer not to WOL clients during this time

More WOL settings are available on the left side of this tab.

Auto Shutdown

Shutdown if idle for x min.

If the client did not got anything to render for x minutes, then it will shutdown itself.

Force Shutdown (kills apps) 

Windows: If enabled, then Windows will kill all applications that refuse to close on shutdown.

Even if a user is logged in

The client shuts down even if someone is logged in. You should not do this at an artist workstation as it will close all applications he has opened.

This option should be used with "Force Shutdown".

Disallow auto shutdown by time:

A time table to define when a client is allowed to shutdown itself.


The "Auto Shutdown" works best in conjunction with "Auto WOL for render jobs".

Execute Once a Day

Clear temp directory

Clears the temp folder of the machine.

This is NOT the temp folder of the client renders (as they are written to the Local Data Folder).

On Mac/Linux, this is /tmp.

On windows, it is by default the temp folder in "Documents & Settings/...."

But some companies use a system-wide option to set the temp folder for all users to e.g. C.\temp.

Synchronize time with rrServer (windows only)

The client synchronizes its system time with the time of the rrServer.

This should not be required in domains, as Windows has already a function for time synchronization. (Please ask your domain admin, if you are the admin, ask google :-)

Note: Is is possible to write your own batch/shell script to be executed once a day.

Please see help section Daily Execute.



Startup wait time

After the rrClient application is started, it waits x seconds before it receives jobs.

So the system has time to startup.

This setting does only influence if the client is started as service/deamon.

On windows: And it has only an effect if windows was just booted up.

Local Copy slowdown

Some fileserver return data filled with zeros if the fileserver is exhausted.

Therefore the rrClient adds a small delay to the copy function.