Before RR can create VMs, it needs a source image for the VMs.

The image has to be an VHD file. ( )

You have 2 options:

  • Use one of our images, they have RR installed, but no render application.
    Therefore they can only be used to render with render applications that are setup in RR as shared Executable (like Arnold Standalone)
  • Create a new image with all the render apps you need.

Create Image:  There are a few way to create a source image for a VM:

A) Convert a VmWare image.
    Not covered in this help.

B) Use Windows Virtual PC.

    Not covered in this help.

C) Create a new rrCloud image with Azure.
    You have to choose an OS yourself.
    You have to install some RR applications.

    You have to install all render applications that are not setup as Shared Executable in RR.

    You have to install all plugin that are not setup as Shared Plugin in RR.

    Please follow steps I, IIC and III.

D)  (Recommended) Start an existing rrCloud Image via rrCloudManager and modify it.  (We offer ready-to-use images as well)
    The source image can be one of our public images  or one you have already setup and need to modify.

    Of course this is faster and easier than to create an image from scratch.

    Please follows steps I, IID and III.