Backburner needs to be installed for 3dsmax up to 2018.

2019+ does not require it any more.

3dsmax 2019+ batch mode error codes

If the batch mode executable returns, it might return an error code which is shown in the render log in rrrControl.

Example snipplet from render log: 
L677| ++++ Executable returned 0 (0x 0) as exit code for frame

Known Exit codes are:

     1:         Process exited abnormally. Similar to the stdlib value for EXIT_FAILURE.

    -1:         Unhandled exception.

    -2:         Execution aborted by 3ds Max Batch.

    -3:         Unhandled exception while processing the WM_CLOSE window message.

    -4:         Unhandled exception while processing the WM_DESTROY window message.

    -8:         License Error. Could not obtain a valid license.

    -9:         Could not create the application. 

-100: Missing arguments, or the specified arguments are invalid.

-110: The 3ds Max process cannot be started; the specific reason is logged in the console.

-120: Communication cannot be established or maintained with the 3ds Max process.

-130: 3ds Max reported an error while executing the commands.

"Error initializing System Path Manager"

The error message is not clear.

This issue can happens if the user that is running the client is not a local admin.

Or if the Backburner matching your 3dsmax version was not installed

(Backburner versions higher than your 3dsmax version should work)

"An unexpected exception has occurred"

This error can mean anything.

It could be an issue with your scene or with your local preferences.

If you cannot get rid of this error, even with the simplest scene file, then try to delete the local preferences of 3ds max.

They are located in "c:\RR_Localdata\SysUserPrefs\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\"

"Error while loading application"

This error message can have multiple reasons.

This is one of the reasons:

This error can happen if you have deinstalled older 3dsmax versions.

In this case, please deinstall all Backburner versions and reinstall the latest one.


It could be an issue with your scene or with your local preferences.

If you cannot get rid of this error, even with the simplest scene file, then try to delete the local preferences of 3ds max.

They are located in "c:\RR_Localdata\SysUserPrefs\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\"

2016/2017  "MAXScript Callback script Exception: -- Runtime error: No method found which matched argument list"

This error is caused by a bug in the file 3dsMax\scripts\Startup\

The line with the bug is

  bridge.CompileToolGraphs path loadToolsFromSubFolders false

As the function call is not executed anyway, you can comment out the line with two minus signs at its start:

  -- bridge.CompileToolGraphs path loadToolsFromSubFolders false

Distribute Fix to all rrClients:

At first, please copy the fixed file into some network folder that all machines can access.

Then you have two options to distribute the fix:

  1. With a job (recommended).
    Open the rrSubmitter and execute from the menu: Scripted Job / Copy file.
    Select source and target file, create the job and submit it.
    With a job in rrControl, you have an overview which machines have installed the fix and which do not have. And you can check for error messages easily.
  2. With the setenv file
    Change the 3dsmax setenv file and add a copy line.
    This will be executed EACH time 3dsmax is started.

Additional notes:

This bug should be responsible for the issue that the MCG does not find its external files.

We do not know how to fix this bug as the function arguments seem to match the functions declaration: 
<System.Boolean>CompileToolGraphs <System.String>folder <System.Boolean>recursive <System.Boolean>suppress

(the function declaration is shown with this script:

bridge = dotNetClass "Viper3dsMaxBridge.Main"

showMethods  bridge



The Scene Explorer has to be hidden if the rrClient is running as service.

We have provided a preference file for 3dsmax to do this.

In case that you are using your own preference file, you have to update it.

2015 SP1

2015 SP1 is broken, please install SP2


3dsmax 2014 produces an error "***WARNING*** Missing dll: Built-in - AnchorHelperObject" if it has no settings for the rrUser (render user).

I do not have enough test information to tell you the exact issue.

It can be either:

    1) No windows registry folder for the rrUser.

    2) rrUser did never log in to create user settings.

    3) 3dsmax was never started on the machine. Therefore it did not create the Registry settings HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\3dsMax\16.0 


To check if your machine has a registry folder for the user, please take a look at a render log file in RR:

rrStart-x64: Starting C:\RR_localdata\C_NODE31.bat...

P gina de c?digo ativa: 1252

"++++++++++++++++++++++++ Log Start +++++++++++++++++++++++++"

"NODE31 rrClient console L 6.02.14a rrVer6.02.14"

"07.16 17:58.59"

"Client is running on Win7_sp0 x64 8(HT)x3.0 Intel 15.6Ghz"

"Environment user is rrUser"

"Windows is using registry: HKEY_USERS/S-1-5-21-550814133-1602950796-499356099-1121/"

"Environment AppData path: C:\Users\rrUser\AppData\Roaming"

"WinApi Folder LocalAppData: C:\Users\rrUser\AppData\Local"

"USERPROFILE: C:\Users\rrUser"

"Job: {O8N} Sequence: 25-25, 1"



If there is no user registry, then you see the message:

"Windows is using registry: HKEY_USERS/.Default/"

To create registry settings:

  • If you have installed RR prior to version 6.2.12, then it could be sufficient to re-install the rrService and let it start the rrClient.

      In rrControl, create a new command job via menu Clients. Choose "reinstall service". ("Frames left" are "Clients left". Clients that executed the command are deassigned from the job.)

      After they reinstalled the service, send them a "shutdown rrClient (application)" command.

      After 30s, the service should start the rrCleint.

      Send it a render, check if the registry is set as shown above.

  • Follow 2) to create registry settings. 


Login at the workstation with the rrUser. (The name of "rrUser" in your company is shown in the render log (see above) in the line "Environment user is rrUser" )


Start 3dsmax.

You could try to copy the files from one rrClient without the issue to a one with the issue.

Export the registry settings HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\3dsMax\16.0 and import it on the other machine.-

Note: A copy would require that the user and folder exists on that machine.

3dsmax 2013

If you are using an IP which is not a default internal network IP, then 3dsmaxcmd.exe will simply not execute, no message, no error, nothing.

You have to use an IP range like or

The bug is known at Autodesk. 

3dsmax 2012 SAP

The first release of 3dsmax 2012 SAP had a bug that you cannot run the commandline renderer in a service environment.

Running the rrClient manually (not as service) does not produce any error.

Autodesk has fixed the issue and released a new version of 2012 SAP:

The error is just:

2012/1/17 13:10:50; Error rendering frame 0: An unexpected exception has occurred in the network renderer and it is terminating.

2012/1/17 13:10:50; Job Completed with Error(s) - see above

(Note: This error message can also appear with other scene issues)