These features (or parts of it) are unique to RR.

No other render manager including Backburner support these features.


3dsmax does not support variables like <camera> or <scene> in the output name.

But you can use these instead inside 3dsmax. The submitter will convert them on load.

Just use this placeholder including brackets [] as part of the filename.

  • [Layer]
  • [Camera]
  • [User]
  • [LocalHost]
  • [CompanyProject]
  • [Scene]
  • [SceneFolder]
  • [Database]
  • [DatabaseName] 

Stereo Rig Addon (2014+)

Autodesk offers customers with the Subscription Advantage Pack a Stereo Camera Addon.

If you use this addon, you should use "[Camera]" in your output filename.

Then submit the scene and choose which camera (Left or Right) should be rendered via the rrSubmitter UI.

The addon has to be installed on every machine. To distribute the addon on all your farm machines, you have to create a .bat batch file, add the commandline line to the file and submit the .bat file with the rrSubmitter.


msiexec /i \\filesserver\share\_installs\AutodeskStereoCamera2014.msi /quiet /qn /norestart

Scene States

3dsmax offers the feature to create multiple scene states in your scene.

If you use scene states, you should use [Layer] as part of the filename.

Then you can choose which Layer you want to render via rrSubmitter.

VRay GI Irradiance map

Please see 3dsmax subsection "3rd party renderer"