EXR Crop

If you use Nuke 8+, then enable "Convert to EXR 2.0 Multi-Part images" in rrConfig, tab Image.

This has an huge effect if you render Exr files with many render layers/elements (e.g. beauty, AO,  specular, ...)

If you load one layer/element from an Exr v1.0                file in Nuke, then Nuke has to load all layers, it loads the whole file.

If you load one layer/element from an Exr v2.0 multi-part file in Nuke, then Nuke loads only the required layer.

Image verification

If you use the "Local Render Out"  setting for jobs, then the client checks the images while it copies the images.

The images are also checked by the post-script "Sequence Check".

If an image cannot be loaded, then this image will be renamed "broken" and re-rendered.

You can decide which image error will trigger the re-render.

(Image errors are displayed if you open the image in rrViewer and click on the image in the table.)