Send Emails

The server is able to send emails for

  • Lists including all jobs of a user/project.
  • Errors occurred at the server.
  • Notifications at job end. (Enable at rrSubmitter) 

The emails addresses it uses are taken from the "Logins" tab.

Email server

Setup for your email server.

Send Job Status report emails every x minutes

Status Emails including a table of all jobs of the user/project

Send Server-Error emails every x minutes

A collection of all erros that occured at the server in the last x minutes

User Email address

By default, RR uses the email address that you have set for a user in tab "rrLogin/Rights".

If you have domain account with emails, then you can use this setting to compose the email address. 

Instead of adding each user to rrLogins.

Upload Website

The server can upload the local rrWebsite to your www-server.

This way you can check your jobs from home/on the road.

FTP server

Login Data for your FTP server.

NOTE: the server will completely clear all other data in that folder!


You can decide which data will be uploaded.

An upload of many jobs with all data would take too much time.