This page is a collection to speed up Windows a tiny bit.


If you are one of the persons who does not like unnecessary services running in the background, you can disable these ones.
Open the Windows services panel and set the startup type to manual.

  • AllJoyn Router Service (service allows it to talk to other AllJoyn devices)
  • Connected User Experiences and Telemetry (To turn off Telemetry and Data Collection) (Check this)
  • Diagnostic Tracking Service (To turn off Telemetry and Data Collection)
  • Diagnostic Policy Service
  • dmwappushsvc (To turn off Telemetry and Data Collection)
  • Downloaded Maps Manager (If you don't use Maps app)
  • Program Compatibility Assistant Service
  • Print Spooler (If you don't have a printer)
  • Remote Registry (You can set it to DISABLED for Security purposes)
  • Security Center
  • Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service (If you don't want to use touch keyboard and handwriting features)
  • Windows Defender Service (If you don't use Windows Defender program)
  • Windows Error Reporting Service
  • Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) (If you don't have a scanner)
  • Windows Search (If you don't use Windows Search feature frequently) (Check this)

Start Menu search

Open the star menu and type Cortana to open the "Cortana & Search settings".
Disable Search online.


Open the Indexing options.

Remove all harddrives.

Add/keep the start menu and the windows/system32 folder.

Helper which are not required

Deinstall applications that you usually do not need on a render farm. 

 - Autodesk Application Manager

 - Apple updater

 - Autodesk Direct Connect 20xx

 - Mozilla Maintenance service

Windows Server: Server manager at login

To disable the Server Manager dashboard you have to edit the Local Group Policy on the machine. Run the gpedit.msc command and navigate to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System, Server Manager. On the right pane right click the policy “Do not display Server Manager automatically at logon” and choose Enabled. When you enable this policy setting, Server Manager is not displayed automatically when a user logs on to the server.

Page file

If the renderer has to use the page file, then your render slows down a lot.

You should at least set it to a fixed value, not a dynamic size. Otherwise the page file will be splitted in many tiny chunks in your HDD with time.

And I recommend that you set it to a very low value that only unused system processes are put into the page file.

e.g. 4000 MB