Maya Mtoa Arnold  export .ass  and render 

RR provides a CreateNRender .ass for your MtoA scenes. See rrHelp section Maya.

If you want to have two separate jobs, e.g. because not all machines have Maya installed, this is a short description.

You need scripting experience.

First, follow this manual way to know what to expect:

  • In your Maya scene, set the render type to Export Ass.
  • Submit the job. 
  • Wait until at least one .ass is done.
  • Load the .ass in the rrSubmitter, set wait for in the lower right and set the sequence start/end to the final .ass range.
  • Submit it.

Automated way:

  • Create a script that enables the "Export Ass" render setting.
  • Create a job by re-using functions of the rrSubmit plugin.
  • Add a xml flag PreID and set it to 1.
  • Disable "Export Ass" again
  • Create a job by re-using functions of the rrSubmit plugin.
  • Change the Software to "Arnold"
  • Change the Scene name to the ImageFileName of the first job and add <FN4>.ass (FN4 tells RR that there is a 4 digits long frame number in the scene name)
  • Add the xml flag WaitForID and set it to 1.

Different Clients:

If Maya is only installed on some clients, then you do not need to change the client assignment for the jobs.

But if you need to define a different client group for each job, then you have to submit two xml files instead of one with both jobs.

As you can only set rrSubmitter options like ClientGroup once for a whole xml file. (See xml example)