It is possible to automate video processing with Topaz Video Enhancer AI on your farm/workstation with Royal Render.

You can batch process as many video files as you like, each video is submitted as a single job. 

Submission version 3.0

  • Use Topaz Video v3 to setup your video conversion.

  • Start the rrSubmitter.
  • Run "Topaz Video Enhancer AI - v3" via the menu Scripted Jobs.
  • In Topaz Video v3, execute the command menu Process/ Show Export command.
  • Click on "Copy".
  • Paste it into the rrSubmitter and create the job(s)
  • Submit the job(s)

Submission version 2.3

  • Please start the rrSubmitter.
  • Run "Topaz Video Enhancer AI" via the menu Scripted Jobs.
  • Either choose a video file or a folder with video files.
  • Choose your processing settings
  • Create the job(s)
  • Submit the jobs

Limitations / Known issues

Supported Versions

You have to use version 2.3 or any version larger than 3.0

Limitations of Video Enhancer AI version 2.3:

Note: This information applies to version 2.3 of the Video Enhancer AI.

There are currently some bugs in and limitations with Video Enhancer AI:

  • No error messages
    Due to a bug in Video Enhancer AI, it is not possible to capture their error messages.
    If something went wrong, you do not see any error message in the render log file in rrControl.

  • No process success verification
    Video Enhancer AI does not return a exit code if there was an error.
    In combination with the above bug it is not possible for RR to detect if the execution was succesful or not.

  • Not the right video output name shown
    If you want to export to a video file, then the output commandline flag of Video Enhancer does not work.
    Therefore the output shown in rrControl is wrong.

  • Error message to ignore
    Video Enhancer AI reports this error:
    StdErr: <FileAppender::FileAppender> File name is empty. The appender will do nothing
    This error has no impact if the process was successfully or not. 
    Please ignore this error message.

  • Not the latest version of the processing method.
    Each Video Enhancer AI version includes new versions of the processing method.
    It is not possible to specify a method without version.
    Therefore you might have to edit the submission script to use the latest version of the processing method.

Limitations of our implementation version 2.3:

The first version of our implemantation is a scripted plugin.

This first version has some limitations.

  • It supports video files as source only.

  • We provide a small list of upscaling methods (most used ones).