Re-render broken frames

If the Job is in the list:

If you find broken frames and want to re-render them, then just delete them.

Via rrViewer, Windows Explorer or any other application.

Then send a "check job" command.

You can also delete images while the job is running, then you do not need to send the check job command as it is often executed while rendering.


rrViewer asks automatically if it should send the "Check Job" command.

If the job is not in the list any more:

Re-send the job (either as you usually send jobs or via rrHistoryDB)

The rrSubmitter asks if you want ot keep all existing files.


You can access the rrViewer via the "check" button in rrControl or rrWebsite.

See rrViewer for more information.

Error analysis

If something is not right at a job, then please follow these steps:

1.Check for rrErrors

If there is an error known to RRender, then you see a small triangle in the job table.

To read the error message, please select the job.

In rrControl, please select the tab "Job log", then select "Errors" from the table.

On the rrWebsite you see the error messages in red in the "Log Section" of the job page.


Number of Client errors

Server error?










Some rrServer errors are

  • Not enough disk space left on fileserver for images.
  • Job was started multiple times, but no image was rendered.
  • Output directory not found. 

Some rrClient errors are

  • Render crashed.
  • No render license (licenses temporally reduced, does not deassign nor disable the job).
  • Scene file not found.
  • No drive space left (for temp files) 

2. Check for renderer errors

On the website, please click on the link "Job log and render log files" in the "Log Section" of the job page.

In rrControl, you are already there (if you have followed 1.).

You see a list of all render logfiles with the date it was started and the client name.

If you click on a render log file, you can see what the render application has returned.

The logfiles can have colors:

Black        Nothing special

Green        The client is still rendering

Orange        The job was aborted at the client

Red        The render application crashes, the client found an error message in the log or there was a license problem.

Violet        The client executed a RR Pre/Post/Done-script 

StdErr / rrErr:

A console application has two ways to print informations.

It can print into a StandardOut  and into a StandardError log buffer.

Everything that is printed into the StandardError by the application is marked with an StdErr: in RR.

These messages are no error messages that RR has recognized. These are messages that should be error messages as indented by the software developer.


Some render applications like Maya and Toon Boom Harmony have chosen the wrong type of output for messages.

They print everything into the StandardError log buffer.