If you render a image sequence as "tiled", then the post-script rrAssembleTiles is automatically enabled.

It will compose all tiles into full images.

Commandline Flags

The commandline for rrAssembleTiles is:

rrAssembleTiles BaseFileName Extension Start End Step Offset NumberOfTiles FinalImageWidth FinalImageHeight [SaveFormat1] [SaveFormat2] [SaveFormat3]

SaveFormat1,SaveFormat2,SaveFormat3 are optional flags.

They can be used to tell rrAssembleTiles which file format it should write.

If an image writer for "SaveFormat1" is available for the required bit depth, then rrAssembleTiles tries "SaveFormat2", then "SaveFormat3".

Possible values are:


8 bit uncompressed


8bit and 16bit, both RLE-compressed


Half-Float (8bit, 16bit and float are converted)

The post-script config file with the commandline is located in