The rrCreateVideo script creates a low-resolution quicktime file from your renderings.

If a client has pre-generated thumbnail cache files, then they are used.

rrCreateVideo uses the open-source available ffmpeg libraries.

By default, RR does only support the MJpeg compressor and .mov quicktimes.

Due to license restrictions, it is not allowed to ship with more advanced codecs.

Commandline Flags

rrCreateVideo OutputVideoFile Input [options] 


Resulting output file, .mov is the preferred extension.

Some codecs require to change the output type. ".mov" is not possible with all formats.

File formats:

 avi                 AVI (Audio Video Interleaved)

 dnxhd             raw DNxHD (SMPTE VC-3)

 h263               raw H.263

 h264               raw H.264 video

 matroska        Matroska

 mov               QuickTime / MOV

 mp4               MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14)


Just because you write e.g. a .h264 file, does not mean that it is a h264 encoded file.

You have to choose the right codec as well!  (see "More codecs" on the bottom of this page)


Image Input. Specify one image from the sequence.The frame number should be replaced with a # (but not required)


Set frames per second (e.g. "25" "29.97" )


Set the quality for the encoding.The range for this value depends on the codec you select. Possible values for MJpeg are from 1 (best) to 20 (worst)


Set the bitrate for the encoding. The values are in KBit.

-codec codecName:

Set the video codec.  Use -list to see all available codecs if you have installed more codecs.

By default rrCreatevideo supports these codecs (see "More codecs" on the bottom of this page to install more codecs):

 mjpeg        MJPEG (Motion JPEG)                           default

 prores        Apple ProRes   

 avui            Avid Meridien Uncompressed     

 huffyuv        Huffyuv / HuffYUV                                   I recommend Huffyuv if you want to use a lossless codec.

 avrp           Avid 1:1 10-bit RGB Packer                  

 ayuv         Uncompressed packed MS 4:4:4:4              

 dnxhd        VC3/DNxHD                                   

 ffvhuff         Huffyuv FFmpeg variant                      

 h263         H.263 / H.263-1996                          

 mpeg4       MPEG-4 part 2                               

 msmpeg4    MPEG-4 part 2 Microsoft variant version 3   

 r210          Uncompressed RGB 10-bit                     

 rawvideo     raw video

 v210          Uncompressed 4:2:2 10-bit                   

 v308          Uncompressed packed 4:4:4                   

 v408          Uncompressed packed QT 4:4:4:4              

 v410          Uncompressed 4:4:4 10-bit                   

 wmv2         Windows Media Video 8                       

 y41p          Uncompressed YUV 4:1:1 12-bit               

 yuv4          Uncompressed packed 4:2:0  


Create fullres Quicktime (otherwise thumbnail 500x375, uses client cached files for high speed)


Changes the resolution of the video. maxWidth and maxHeight are required.'letterbox' is by default set to true. inPixelRatio and outPixelRatio are by default set to 1.0.


Apply gamma correction


Name of website folder of job (folder only, no complete directory). Loads client cached image files if available.


Create cache files in case they do not exist. Then rrViewer or SequenceCheck do not have to load the full again.


Adds text to TopLeft, TopRight, BottomRight, BottomLeft. Possible variables are (with asterisk *): *frame*: Current frame number of image.


Imprints an image file into the video.The image should have an alpha channel.


If this flag is set, then the imprint image will be in the background of the text. Otherwise the text is written beside the image. 


If this flag is *not* set, then bars are added (for the text & image).


Create a one-frame slate with text.
The text is written in two columns.
One column with the labels, the other with the values.
The format is "Label1,Label2,Label3 ~ Value1,Value2,Value3"


An image to be used as background for the Slate.

It will be scaled proportionally and then cropped to fit.  

Can be used without slate text.

-seq [start] [end] [step] [offset]: 

Defines a start and end frame for the conversion. Otherwise it converts the whole sequence.

-YUV [mode]: 

Changes the YUV color conversion.

Possible modes are:

PC (default)

601 (SD)

709 (HD)


List all available codecs and formats for compression

Note about speed:

If you use -scale or -fullres, then rrCreatevideo can not use the cache files.

This means it has to load the whole image sequence again.

Which is many times slower.

Example Commandlines

Scale to a max width of 1000 *OR* a max height of 500 (Lettebox off):

-scale 1000 500 false

Scale your source video (non-anamorph) into a PAL 16:9 anamorph video:

-scale 720 576 true 1.0 1.4222

Scale your source video (non-anamorph) into a PAL 4:3 video:

-scale 720 576 true 1.0 1.0667

Scale your source video (anamorph 16:9) into a PAL 4:3 video with letterbox:

-scale 720 576 true 1.4222 1.0667

Create a slate with some informations about the scene and background image:

-SlateImg "\\fileserver\share\MySplashScreen.png" -Slate "Date:,,Scene:,Layer: ~ <date ddd, dd.MMM>,,<SceneFile>,<Layer>"

More codecs

RR is not able to ship ffmpeg libs with all codecs.

Some codecs as h264 and h265 are licenses under GPL which would require to make RR open source as well.

Support for more codecs and output formats:

You need to remove the files avcodec-**.dll, avformat-**.dll, avutil-**.dll, swscale-*.dll from the RR\bin\win directory.


OSX: avcodec-**.dylib, avformat-**.dylib, avutil-**.dylib, libswscale.*.dylib

Then place your own avcodec, avformat and avutil dynamic library in the same folder.

The files you downloaded could be named without any version (avcodec.dll), you can use them as well. (Never rename any library file!)

What to download:

You can get libraries via

Use the link to the webpage "Windows Packages" or "Windows Builds".

Choose "Shared" or "Dynamic"  (never "Static"), then choose OS and bit and use the link to "Previous FFmpeg 64-bit Static Versions".

Which version?

Other versions than avcodec v.57, avformat v.57, avutil v.55 are not supported.

The versions are either stated in the readme or in the filename of the .dll or .lib file.

If you have a library file without the version name, you can open it in a text editor and search for "Lavf" in libavformat or "Lavc" in libavcodec.

Examples commandlines for codecs:

Quicktimes dnxhd:

"<rrBin>rrCreateVideo.exe" "<ImageDirComplete><..\><ImageFilename>.mov" "<ImageDir><ImageFilename>#<ImageExtension>" -fullres -codec dnxhd -kbit 120 -fps


"<rrBin>rrCreateVideo.exe" "<ImageDirComplete><..\><ImageFilename>.mp4" "<ImageDir><ImageFilename>#<ImageExtension>" -fullres -codec mpeg4 -q 7

H.264 as Quicktime with quality only:

"<rrBin>rrCreateVideo.exe" "<ImageDirComplete><..\><ImageFilename>.mov" "<ImageDir><ImageFilename>#<ImageExtension>" -fullres -codec libx264 -q 7

H.264 as mp4 with bit/s only:

"<rrBin>rrCreateVideo.exe" "<ImageDirComplete><..\><ImageFilename>.mp4" "<ImageDir><ImageFilename>#<ImageExtension>" -fullres -codec libx264 -kbit 5000

DNxHD Quicktimes 

You need to download additional codecs first.

Then copy the example post-script





The VC-3 (aka Avid DNxHD) Codec does only support a few resolutions/frame rates/ bitrates:

Project Format        Resolution        Frame Size        Bits        FPS        <bitrate>

1080i / 59.94        DNxHD 220        1920 x 1080        8        29.97        220Mb

1080i / 59.94        DNxHD 145        1920 x 1080        8        29.97        145Mb

1080i / 50        DNxHD 185        1920 x 1080        8        25        185Mb

1080i / 50        DNxHD 120        1920 x 1080        8        25        120Mb

1080p / 25        DNxHD 185        1920 x 1080        8        25        185Mb

1080p / 25        DNxHD 120        1920 x 1080        8        25        120Mb

1080p / 25        DNxHD 36        1920 x 1080        8        25        36Mb

1080p / 24        DNxHD 175        1920 x 1080        8        24        175Mb

1080p / 24        DNxHD 115        1920 x 1080        8        24        115Mb

1080p / 24        DNxHD 36        1920 x 1080        8        24        36Mb

1080p / 23.976        DNxHD 175        1920 x 1080        8        23.976        175Mb

1080p / 23.976        DNxHD 115        1920 x 1080        8        23.976        115Mb

1080p / 23.976        DNxHD 36        1920 x 1080        8        23.976        36Mb

1080p / 29.7        DNxHD 45        1920 x 1080        8        29.97        45Mb

720p / 59.94        DNxHD 220        1280x720        8        59.94        220Mb

720p / 59.94        DNxHD 145        1280x720        8        59.94        145Mb

720p / 50        DNxHD 175        1280x720        8        50        175Mb

720p / 50        DNxHD 115        1280x720        8        50        115Mb

720p / 23.976        DNxHD 90        1280x720        8        23.976        90Mb

720p / 23.976        DNxHD 60        1280x720        8        23.976        60Mb