Common configuration settings for all types of rrCloudConnectors

  • Choose any username and password for the first user of the VMs OS.
  • Choose a maximum number of VMs that can be created. The maximum number is limited by the number of job threads that can be started on a client (changeable in the config of the VM client).
    The maximum number of total job threads per rrCloudConnector is 1000.   [VMs x job threads < 1000]
  • Check if the VMs should be added to your domain. 
  • rrService User: These are the same settings as you have done in rrWorkstationInstaller. A user that the client is running with.
    The only difference is that the user does not need to be a local admin (it cannot be as the OS does not exist yet). RR will take care of that and add the user to the local admin group.
    Please check User for rrServer for further information.