For the Artist

Preview images
RRender converts a few frames of the job and displays them on the website or in rrControl. If you send a lot of jobs on the farm, RRender starts these preview images at first. This way you have an overview how long all of your jobs take and have a visual check that everything is right.

Fast sequence viewer application
View your frames in a viewer and with a small flipbook for an easy check. Frames are pre-cached so you can load full HD jobs in a few seconds. If you find a broken/crap frame, directly delete it and the application informs the RR-Server to re-render the frame.

Easy access to jobs via rrControl
You have many ways to control your queue and change a lot of parameters for jobs after they are send. Like reorder/abort/reset/disable jobs in the queue, assign/deassign clients, change sequence length, render quality, post-scripts…There is almost nothing you cannot change after a job was send.

Get a notification if your render is finished via win message or Email.