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What is Royal Render?  Royal Render is the powerful application to organize your render jobs for your renderfarm. It’s more than a  tool to start frames on your farm, it's an advanced application to manage, control and check your renders. Royal Render has been shaped by the harsh realities of projects small and large. We constantly pursue  improved workflow, meaningful features and better performance.  We put ease of use up front, keeping  innovative algorithms and complex architecture under the hood. Reduce administration time. Keep your time for you. Use Royal Render, join the upper class.
Who uses Royal Render?  Royal Render is used around the world by all kind of companies. VFX, feature animation, commercial, games, universities, ... 
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Why Royal Render? Created by an artist that worked with tough commercial deadlines The lead developer of Royal Render has worked as Shading&Lighting TD and compositing artist for  many productions and he has developed shaders for Softimage.  Therefore one of the main differences is that RR was not build for Pipeline TDs and render wranglers as you find them in larger companies, it was build to make the live of an Artist easier. The lead developer  understands what artists need as he needed the features himself. Many creative artists requests have  turned into a feature, but in a different and better way than non-technical artist or a pure application  developer could think of. It’s the synergy that counts. He knows what artists would like to have and what  he wants to have, some examples:  “Checking for broken images??? => Ah, stupid time-consuming task, I create an app for that.”     “I have setup one of my render layers wrong for a heavy scene; on the next day we realized we lost half  a night of render time.  => render a few  preview images of all jobs first to be able to check them before  leaving the company” Error resistant One of Royal Renders main test render farms is the Institute of Animation. They have about 80 Students who are working on 20 projects at the same time. Rendering with Maya, Houdini, Softimage, 3dsmax,  Nuke, After FX, Renderman, Arnold, Cinema and Modo. Everyone wants to render first, there is no  render TD with a lot of experience, often creative non-technical artists are submitting and checking jobs.  Every project has its own (newly invented) pipeline and structure, there is no “known issues” list of  things to avoid. Perhaps they check if their jobs are rendering - or not. Therefore RR has to catch all  kinds of possible errors, no job should be able to halt the farm. Unique Features RR has unique features we invented. Some of them are already copied by other managers, but not all: Preview images: Send a bunch of jobs in the evening. RR renders and shows a few frames of each job first. Check them and leave the company knowing that all jobs will render fine. Fast sequence viewer: RR caches a your rendered sequence during render. E.g. an HD render with 500 frames is loaded within 20s. Cost Calculation: Each jobs shows it costs in $/€/... based on Ghz*h. 3 existing frames modes on submission: a) Delete all frames and render b) Render only missing frames c) Over-render all existing frames. Image checks: Are the frames really rendered? Are they readable? Is a render tile missing? Intelligent Clients: o Detect if a renderer froze or crashed, keep/store information about CPU and memory usage per frame. o Auto-shutdown if idle and wake-up on new jobs. o Auto-cache texture files (Available for Softimage out of the box, other render apps require custom scripts for your pipeline) o Workstation artist-client synergy: Enable on logout Disable on high CPU usage or high memory usage Enable after x min no CPU usage (lunch, meeting, gone home anf forgot to enable) Use less cores if artist logged in Disable during workign hours Allow only (e.g.) Nuke  jobs during artists working hours Disable if artists starts application X Wake up machine before working hours Tell RR to render images in slices to use more machines on one frames. Slices are auto-assembled. Possible for single frames or whole sequences Keep track of renderer licenses use (e.g. Nuke, Nuke Plugin Sapphire). Auto-reduce as long as a license is used by someone else. Allow artists to checkout a license. User Approval: Pause job after a few frames or after all frames (before post-scripts) and continue after user has approved the job. EXR Crop and EXR 2.0 Multi-Part. Speed up compositing by huge factors, for one animation feature the speed gain was 100x (Depends on how much emtpy space your image has and how many layers the EXR file has) Automatically create small or fullres videos/Quicktimes with custom imprints like frame number or scene name and a slate with all information. Add custom python commands to the control (manage) application to be used via right-click on jobs or clients. Client Averaging: End the “Priority Wars” once and for all. Tell RR that each project/user/renderapp gets the same ammount of render power. And/Or project/user/renderapp gets at least 15 clients. And/Or all jobs with the same priority get the same ammount of clients 3dsmax (Even Backburner does not support this): o Render all scene states with one 3dsmax scene. o Render all 3D stereo camera views with just one scene. o Render VRay GI prepass and render mode with one scene. o Render Elements into subfolders Check the render manager survey: There was an independent survey which was answered by all vendors: Render Manager Comparison
Which features has Royal Render?  During the last 15 years Royal Render has invented many features that no other render manager had.  Even if some of them have been copied, RR has still unique features you do not find in any other render  manager: >>Take a look at the main features
Royal Render
15 years Royal Render: Survey and Surprise Box! Even if you are not upgrading to RR version 8 yet, you can still answer our survey and get a surprise box! We start a survey with a few questions about RR. Please forward the link of the survey to everyone using RR : And as Royal Render has its 15th anniversary, we send out 300 packages with RR merchandise! To get one of these packages, you must answer our survey. Survey answers do not influence the chance to get a box at all! So beware! Do not answer the questions wrong, as you might know what happens to those knights:  Notes:   Your company needs to be a customer of RR, version 6, 7 or 8. While supplies last, boxes might be raffled.  1 box per company first, 2 if we have boxes left over.