Main Features

Works out of the box
You don't need any scripting TDs to get Royal Render running with all its features.

Job-checking and error-handling
The Royal Render Server distances itself from simple “fire render and forget” systems. A render job is not done when frames have been send to the render clients, no, a job is done if all frames are on your harddrive! It lays great value on accompanying your render jobs. It handles errors from crashed renderers to visual correctness analysis.

Change behavior, add functionality and add render applications. No scripting language required.

User management
Royal Render has a built-in user management. Decide what users are allowed to do. Are they allowed to change, disable or even view jobs of other users?

Cloud rendering
RR is able to create/spin-up/shutdown cloud clients based on your settings and your job load.

Cross Platform
All applications are available for Windows and Linux. Render simultaneously on multiple OS with some renderer applicaations. Required path conversion is handled via a Royal Render lookup table.

Client averaging
If you render multiple projects at the same time, the server averages the clients between your projects.  (Additionaly, RR supports job priorities, reserved clients and client assignment groups)