Cloud Rendering

It is possible to use Royal Render with cloud rendering.

Royal Render contains an application named "rrCloudManager".
The rrCloudManager is responsible for the cloud connection.
It controls the Cloud Provider and creates required storages, VMs and optional a VPN connection to the cloud.
It starts and stops VMs, either automatically or controlled by you.
It configures the VMs (set firewall, timezone, admin user, add them to a domain/active directory)

A "rrCloudConnector" is a collection of settings for a VM type.
Settings like the VM image file, maximum number of VMs that can be started, cloud renderer licenses, ...
The rrCloudManager handles all rrCloudConnectors.

We have recorded a presentation about Cloud Rendering, you can watch it on Youtube:

Hybrid Cloud Rendering on Azure with Royal Render


The following diagram shows the network structure regarding the Royal Render communication: