Python connections between RR and render apps.
Almost all connections to  the render apps are python script based. Submission scripts and render scripts.
Add/change any of the scripts as you like.

Python Scene Reader and Scripted Jobs
Add a scene reader script that the rrSubmitter is able to read all required data from unknown scene file formats. Or let the user execute a python script that can do anything you like in addition to creating a jobs.

Python & NodeJs module
Access all jobs, clients and user information via any python/nodeJs script.

Job submission
Create a .xml file with all required information about the job and load it into the rrSubmitter UI or submit it directly with the rrSubmitterConsole.

Render applications
Add new render applications or change the render behavior of existing ones. Config files include the commandlines to execute, default settings for submission and custom commandline options for the submitter. Separate config files tell the client how to find the new render application and where to install submission plugins.

Submitter default settings
You can define default values for the submitter settings. This is can be done in multiple stages, a global one for the whole company, a specialized one for a project, a custom one for a user,…