Multiple Job Threads - Main settings

The client can start multiple independent job threads.

Each job thread takes its own job as if it is a separate client machine.

Number of job threads

Sets the number of independent job threads at the client.

Wait x sec after a new job before requesting a new one

If one thread has got a job, you can tell the client to wait x seconds before any of the other threads gets a job.

This is required for 

  • Some applications do not support that they start multiple instances simultaneously.
    E.g. After Effects closes with some error if you start two instances at the same time.
  • Starting an application and loading the scene takes a lot of the capacity of the harddrive and the network.
    E.g. if two applications try to take all capacity they can get from a harddrive at the same time, they do not get 50% each, they get about 35% of the harddrives speed. (The missing 30% is just lost)

Allow job - Thread A,B,C

You can choose which application are allowed to be started on 

Thread A,B,C,...

Disable this thread during working hours

This job thread does not accept any new jobs and abort any running job during working hours.

Allow jobs

You can choose which application are allowed to be started on 

Allow GPUs  

Choose which GPUs should be used for this job thread.