Custom options for a render application

You can create new checkboxes and value-spinboxes in the rrSubmitter to set special flags in the render commandline of a renderer application.

You can use the option to switch the use for anything.

Hint: Some renderer use custom render scrips which you can extend with new options. (Maya, Softimage, Houdini, Modo)

Example custom settings are:

- Arnold denoice variance value

- enable/disable motion blur

- set the ray depth level

The render config A80__Arnold_StdA_DeNoice.cfg includes multiple Custom Options, please see the file as an example.

Create the Option:

Add a line

COYourCustomName= AllowChange ~ Checked ~ Value

to the render config. 

We recommend to add it in section "Render Settings" or "Submitter Settings".   (these sections are just for human readability and have no use for RR itself)


The maximum length of a Custom Options name is 25 letters! 

(Including "Float", explained later)

1) The first part is "AllowChange".
If the artist is allowed to change it in the rrSubmitter.

COYourCustomName= 1

Artist can change it 

COYourCustomName= 0

Artist is not allow to change it

2) The next part is the "Checked".
If the option is checked by default or not.

This one is checked:

COYourCustomName= 1 ~ 1

Custom option checked

COYourCustomName= 1 ~ 0

Custom option not checked

3) The last part is "Value".

This is optional.

If you just want a checkbox, then do not add the last part ~ Value

If you want a value spinbox, add this last part.

Example default value 345:    COYourCustomName= 1 ~ 1 ~ 345

If you need a float spinbox, then your Custom Option's name has to end with "Float".

The value you enter is the float value *100.

Example default value 0.25:   COYourCustomName= 1 ~ 1 ~ 025

Use the new option

You can now use the parameter in your commandline.

You can use the new parameter as boolean switch or directly use the value. 

See Variables as value or condition.

Use the checked state (0/1)  or for custom options with a value the value:


Use as conditional flag:

<COYourCustomName -MayaFlag true>

<COYourCustomName -MayaFlag true ? -MayaFlag false>

Conditional flag with value:

<COShadowMaps -shMap on -shMapResolution <COShadowMaps> ? -raytrace on>


You can also use this new COYourCustomName= in your submitter default files to use different settings for different projects.